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Submitted on
September 20, 2011
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1:I'm starting a new path
  Turning over a new leaf
  I'm tired of being
  Alone and beneath
  I need your grace
  To wash this away
  This feeling of rejection
2:I'm standing closer
  Closer to the edge
  I feel his hand
  Guiding me down
  Lord take me away
  Away from deception
C:So here I am
  Lost on this road again
  I wondered here
  Outside of your direction
  I'm looking up
  Waiting for
  Your touch to guide me
3:I got lost on this road
  This road of temptation
  Everywhere I turn
  Is another scar
  The darkness takes
  All my hope away
  I need your light
4:You take me in
  Close to your chest
  You hold me tight
  While I try to turn away
  I need to know
  That you'll never leave me
  Like everyone else
C: 2x
E:I'm starting a new path
  Turning over a new leaf
Yay!!! I wrote a new song!!! Feedback?
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