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It was seven o'clock and Kelsey and I were dressed and piling into James' car.  Kelsey was wearing a pair of black leggings, a purple long tank and black ballet flats.  She had here short black hair down with an adorable headband.  I was wearing a cut off jean skirt with black legging capris underneath and a black halter with my low top Chuck Taylors.  My blonde hair was straight and down.  We had spent the majority of the school day picking out our outfits; so grateful that we shared the same clothes.  After school, we went shopping for Kevin and got food and what not for the party.  By the time we got home, we only had a short amount of time to get ready, so we were happy we planned ahead.  James drove us to Kevin's house and by the time we got there, we were definitely not the first people there.  This was the first time I've seen Kevin's house so it came as quite the shock to see the grandness of the house.  It was huge!!!  Several stories and maybe a five car garage, maybe more.  I started to feel a little bit nervous.  I lived in a town house on the other side of town and there was no way his parents would approve of such a relationship.  I looked at the girls and boys walking into the house and I looked like trailer trash.  I almost didn't want to get out of the car. Kelsey and James both got out and then looked back at me confused.  I stared uncertain out the window at the magnificent house and I was frozen in my chair.  

"Umm, Sadie?  We're here."

I looked up at Kelsey and she instantly understood what was going through my mind.

"James, we'll be right in."  

James looked at Kelsey confused but smiled and nodded.  He shut his door and walked away.  Kelsey stood up with her hands on her hips.

"Get out the car, Sadie."

I slowly opened the door, got out, shut it and stared her in the face.  Her face went from frustrated, to pity, to understanding.  

"Look, you are the coolest girl I've ever met.  You're down right gorgeous and Kevin is lucky to have you.  Don't look at the size of his house and think that he will stop being into you.  You belong with him.  Don't let it get you down."

I smiled a weak smile and nodded.  Kelsey and I walked arm in arm in through the door.  Kevin was standing in the entrance greeting people and when he saw me, he smiled so big and rushed over.  He hugged me tight and even kissed me on the cheek; of course causing me to blush.  My nerves started to fade when he put his arm around me and walked me into the house.

"You're house is so big Kevin.  I didn't know it was like this."

"Yea, its pretty nice.  Dad made some awesome investments and Mom is a successful lawyer.  They are some of the coolest people you'll ever meet.  They'll love you."

I smiled and we kept walking.  We walked into the kitchen where there wasn't that many people.  Walking through the kitchen door, I was greeted with the smell of chocolate chip cookies.  Standing at the oven was the picture of perfect housewife.  She was wearing a turquoise dress with pearls.  Her brunette hair was twisted into a French Twist and she was wearing a colorful print apron.  She was pulling a fresh batch out of the oven when she turned and saw us standing there.  She smiled so big, I thought the happiness was going to explode off her face.  Standing near her, was a handsome man, dressed in dress slacks and a nice green button down dress shirt.  It was unbuttoned at the top which showed a tan chest and his sleeves were rolled up showing that he too worked out.  I realized right there that this was where Kevin got his good looks from.  His dad smiled and walked over.

"You must be Sadie.  I'm Jeff."

"It's nice to meet you Mr. Miller."

"Oh please, Mr. Miller was my father.  Please call me Jeff."

I smiled and shook his hand.  As soon I was done, I was enveloped in a perfumed hug.  

"We have heard so much about you.  Kevin talks about you maybe non-stop."  

I looked at Kevin; he rolled his eyes and shook his head.  But I saw a faint smile and his cheeks were flushed.  HA, I wasn't the only one who blushed.  

"Now, will you be a dear and help me take these cookies out to the table?"

I nodded and grabbed a plate.  Kevin grabbed one and we followed Mrs. Miller out to the living room.  The room was bumping with the latest music on the radio and there where kids everywhere.  People I knew and most that I didn't, but everyone was dancing and laughing.  I saw Kelsey dancing with James, maybe a little bit to close, and I saw Maureen and Chase dancing, and then, to my surprise, I saw Candice and Shane dancing in the corner.  Shane caught my eye and winked.  I winked back and smiled.  Kevin put his plate down, then grabbed mine.  He then spun me to the dance floor and the party truly started.  

The party lasted till about ten but Kelsey, James, myself and a few of the hockey players and their girlfriends stayed and hung out.  James took his guitar out and played for us a little.  He was really good and I could tell that Kelsey was falling for him.  Kevin had his arm around my shoulder and I was really enjoying the attention and comfort he was giving me.  Then Kelsey had to go ruin everything.  James finished his song and we clapped.  Then Kelsey opened her mouth and I could have hit her.

"Sadie knows how to play."

Kevin turned and looked at me.  

"Seriously?  You never  told me this."

I shrugged and glared at Kelsey.  She would hear from me later.  Kevin grabbed James' guitar and handed it to me.  I started at him like he was defected and he started back.  I finally conceded and grabbed the guitar, throwing another angry glare Kelsey's way.  She just laughed and leaned back into James.  I could feel my face getting hot and my heart was pumping, so I took a deep breath and started playing.  It was a song called "Broken Again".  It was a song I wrote when my parents first divorced but found out that it worked for any hard time I was going through.  It was deemed my most emotional song of them all and a crowd favorite at band camp.  I started playing and really lost myself in the music.  When I was done, I was surprised at the lack of applause.  I looked up at Kelsey and she had a tear running down her cheek.  Looking around the room, it seemed that the song had that same effect on those listening.  I looked Kevin in the eyes and he looked back into mine.  He took his hand and rested it on the side of my face.

"I think I'm falling in love with you."

I froze.  He leaned in closer and kissed my lips.  It wasn't a lustful kiss, it was a beautiful, small, kiss that would make any girl melt.  When we pulled away, I realized that we were alone in the room.  Everyone had walked outside to start a bonfire.  I stood and placed the guitar in the case and felt Kevin walk behind me.  He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into his chest.  I could feel his heart pounding and his cologne enveloped me.  We just stood there like that for a few minutes.  He lightly kissed the top of my head and turned me around.  Pulling me into a hug, we heard a light cough at the door.  We looked up and Mrs. Miller was standing there.  She smiled sweetly and walked over.

"Kevin, your father and I are going to bed.  Don't be too loud sweety."  

She kissed her sons cheek and he hugged his mom.  Mrs. Miller then pulled me into a hug.

"It was so awesome meeting you.  I expect to see you often, ok?"

"Yes, Ma'me."

She smiled at me and patted my shoulder.  She gracefully walked out of the room and Kevin and I walked to the bonfire.  The group was out there for a good two hours before I almost fell asleep in Kevin's arms.  Kevin drove me home, walked me to the door and kissed me sweetly.  We said goodnight and I feel asleep with a huge smile on my face.
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