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The bell rang signaling the end of lunch.  I took my time picking my stuff up. Kevin was talking non stop about the hockey party that weekend and I was putting in input like I should and listened for the rest of it.  Shane was waiting for me when I walked out of the lunch room.

"So lunch was interesting."

"What is your problem?  Do you think you have a claim staked on me or something?"


"Then please, give me a reason to not punch you right now."

Shane smiled a little and walked ahead.  I was so mad.  What was his deal?  Well, at least Kevin was paying attention to me.  I probably looked pretty ridiculous walking to history with a goofy smile on my face, but I was ok with that.  That was until I came in contact with Candice.

"Sadie!  How was lunch?"

"It was alright.  How was yours Candice?"

"Hmm, it was ok.  I would have loved if you and Shane would have come sit with us."

"Maybe we will tomorrow."

"Really?  That would be so awesome."

I smiled weakly in her general direction, silently cursing the very ground Shane walked on.  Until he showed up, I was totally content being invisible.  But now, I'm talking to Candice, sitting next to Kevin at lunch and being invited to Hockey parties.  Like come on!  Anyway, class started and I was once again bored with endless facts about wars and dates and things I was never going to be interested in.  God only knows how I survived that stupid class without slitting my wrists.  The bell finally rang and that meant one thing… CHOIR!!! I loved choir.  I love to sing, I love music and I absolutely love Ms. Kingsly.  She was so bubbly and beautiful.  She made being a terminal Bachelorette look romantic!  I walked into the choir room and greeted the wonderful people I called friends and made my way to the first alto section.

"Sadie, did I see you sit with Kevin today at lunch?"

My friend Kelsey wasn't stupid.  She was a pretty girl with short black hair and questioning eyes.  We had been friends since I could possibly remember, and when I moved here, I was surprised to find that her parents had followed us.

"Kels, I can't even begin to explain whats going on."
"He looked really into you."
"Yea, I'm going to his hockey party this weekend."
"With Shane?"
"So you've noticed the thorn in my side."
"Ha-ha, yea, he's cute."
"Oh please suduce him or something.  I need him away from me.  Candice is talking to me."

Kelsey grabbed her throat and inhaled.

"Candice?!?  What?!? Oh the horror!  The most popular girl in school is paying attention to you.  That's awful."
"Shut up Kelsey."

I hit her softly with the back of my hand, feigning anger.  I couldn't help but smile.  Ms. Kingsly started class and she went through the plethora of music.  I was so excited about some of the songs she had decided on this year.  Nothing could ruin my mood, nothing… but Shane.  

The door to the choir room opened and in walked Shane.  I groaned and hit my head with the packet of music.  Kelsey poked me in the ribs and laughed.  Shane was talking quietly with Ms. Kingsly and she waved him to the tenor section.  Shane smiled and waved at me as he passed.  All I could do was scowl and look away.  Kelsey on the other hand waved at him and winked.  

The bell rang and I practically ran out of the class.  I headed to my locker and rushed getting my stuff so that I could run to the bus and pray that the bus left early.  As I was throwing my books in my bag, I heard Candice walking down the hall talking into her cell phone.

"No… he's gorgeous and is spending all of his time with Sadie.  I'm not kidding!! Angie, you wouldn't believe it.  No, Sadie is pretty, but really, what does she have to offer him.  Ha-ha, you're so right.  Who knows what she might give him.  Ok girl, I'll see you tomorrow… bye!"

Candice hung up the phone and walked out the door.  I was shaking I was so angry.  She just said that I was easy.  What is her problem?!?  I slammed my locker shut and ran into Shane.

"Get out of my way."

"Woah, someone is feisty.  What's wrong?"


"Come on, give me a little bit more of the attitude.  I like it."

"Shane!  What do you want?"

"I want to know where your smile went."

"No where, now, I have to catch the bus."

"Let me give you a ride."

"Really, its ok.  I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye Sadie."

I walked out to the bus and sat down next to Kelsey.  Kelsey already had her head phones in and I'm sure she was dancing along to My Chemical Romance or something like that.  I grabbed my media player and put the phones in.  I turned on Linkin Park and left this crazy world.
A bit small and a bit confusing... sorry =/
GypsyBlaze Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
for some reason...i don't really know why...i like kelsey :)
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