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I watch what I say, I pretend I don't see, I hold on to the pain you give me.  I'm kind and I'm loving, but I'm missing it, you see, I'm alone again.  

The empty relationships, the convenient calls, my phone stays silent in the middle of it all.  Is it me or is it fate, that I stand here and wait, not only for a man, but for a friend.  

I'm falling to my knees, trying to stand, praying to God this pain will end.  Not really sure, why I choose to stay, but I keep coming back to play.  They've hurt me and made me bleed, and my soul is tired of being beat, I just wish someone would understand this fanatasy world has come to an end, and I'm alone again.

I tried to find completness in this world but the failings of man has reveled its self again.  Trying to fit a mold that none can reach, and yet, trying to  be who HE wants me to be.  I hold on to the fact, that God will always love me back, but here's the end of it all, I'm alone again.
Nothings new, nothings changed, just a new look on a new pain.
GypsyBlaze Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
i'm sorry i haven't been the type of friend you deserve... and i mean this in all seriousness. i know i go mia for a while and then pop back in i don't have a reason, i'm just sorry. you deserve better than that; and i'm going to try and be a better friend. i love you sis
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April 12, 2010
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